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Task Pending for 5 Days in Blogsvertise

I don't know why my task pending for a long time. Blogsvertise usually not doing like that. Usually I check my job, one or two days is approved. But this is amazing, 5 days awaiting approved by admin. I hope tomorrow it can be approved. Wait a minutes, I will check my task management. Oh my god, I've got slow connection. OK, I have checked it and it still there, still in awaiting approval.

5 days ago, I've got a lot of review job from blogsvertise. I feel so happy because if we count totally, we've got $68. But one of theme is rejected, so, I only got $60. It's OK, god bless me.

The reason why my review is rejected is, because my blog is not in English. So, I just decline the review job and tell them that they send a job in wrong blog. I don't why advertiser don't review my blog first then if it suitable with their needs and blogs criteria, the job sent to that blog.

I hope that next time blogsvertise doing professionally to their blogs registered. So, they can get the best service too from bloggers.


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